Bryant May Newsletter

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Bryant May Newletter

Dear Bryant Students and Families,

We sure hope this newsletter finds you well and ready to finish the school year Bryant Strong.  As we enter the month of June, we wanted to provide you with updates, important information, and upcoming events:

  1. Academic Updates: Final Exams for underclass students will be held from June 12th to 15th with a modified schedule for those days.
  2. Summer School: Students, please meet with their school counselor to discuss and register for summer school. For detailed information about FCPS Summer School, please refer to the following link:
  3. Graduation for our June graduates will take place on Wednesday, June 7th at 4pm. We encourage all students to join us in celebrating and supporting our graduates on this momentous day.
  4. The last day of school is Friday, June 16th with an early dismissal of 10:10 a.m.

During the first week of May, Bryant took time to express gratitude and appreciation for our dedicated teachers.  May is the perfect month to show our thanks for their hard work and commitment to our students’ education.  Our teachers were treated to a series of special gestures, including breakfast, Tropical Smoothies, an ice cream bar, lunches, personalized thank you cards and decorative potted plants.  Thank you for all who joined us in celebrating and recognizing the incredible work of our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Assistant Principal, Karen Hertel, and Dr. Nardos King, FCPS Chief Equity Officer, participated in a “pinning” ceremony for James Wrobeh.  A former Bryant graduate, James, was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army.  Ms. Hertel and Dr. King had the privilege of pinning his rank onto him for the first time.  James recently completed the ROTC program at VA State University where he just completed his undergraduate degree.  James is a role model for all students on the importance of hard work and a great attitude and uses his story to inspire others. 

We celebrated the completion of SOL Testing with a Wellness Day that recognized everyone’s hard work and the end of the testing period.  This special day was dedicated to well-being, relaxation, and FUN!  On Friday, May 26th—great way to kick off the start of summer—Bryant hosted a day that had activities and workshops for everyone.  Whether one preferred a calming yoga session, exploring creativity through coloring or jewelry making, taking a walk on the track, baking delicious chocolate chip cookies, or making stress less balls, there really was something for everyone.  Soft, cuddly alpacas visited our Bryant Campus and our speaker, CAM AWESOME, shared his journey of turning our setbacks into our comebacks, and encouraged us to do our best.  It was a picture perfect kind of day. 

Bryant held a Parent Café addressing the signs, dangers, and abuse of Student Fentanyl Use.  If you were not able to make it, please visit this resource for additional information.

As we near the end of the school year, we want to encourage all students to finish strong and remain focused on their goals.  If you have any concerns or need support, our dedicated staff is here to help you.  We wish everyone a wonderful summer filled with good health and ready to return next school year with renewed energy.

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Wellness Day Schedule - Horario del Día del Bienestar

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Wellness Day Schedule

Wellness Day is Friday! We can't wait to share all the great activities we've planned. #selfcare #healthylifestyle #healthybody #fitness

Horario del Día del Bienestar

¡El Día del Bienestar es el viernes! No podemos esperar para compartir todas las grandes actividades que hemos planeado. #cuidadopersonal #estilodevidasaludable #cuerposaludable #fitness

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Bryant April Happenings

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Bryant April Happenings

As we approach the end of the school year, we have plenty of exciting news to share with you in this month's newsletter.

Academic achievements continue to be a highlight of Bryant HS.  Many of our students have been recognized for their outstanding hard work and dedication to their studies. Bryant celebrated 3rd quarter achievement with ice cream and certificates.   

In addition to academic excellence, some of our students have been actively involved in "reading" community service projects. Jordan McDowell traveled to Bucknell Elementary school and read to the kindergarteners.  Ms. Leonard's Child Development class visited our onsite day care center and read to the 3-year-old classroom.  Bryant loves seeing our students' efforts in making a positive impact on our community.  


Recently, our school hosted a Job/Career Fair for our students.  The event featured a keynote speaker, 60 employers from various industries, and Q & A panel.  Our students dressed for the occasion and engaged with the employers to learn about different career paths and opportunities available to them.  They had the chance to ask questions, network with professionals, and gain insight into the job market. It was truly an outstanding experience for our Bryant community. To view more pictures from our Fair, please visit Career Fair


Did you know that April was National Autism Month?  Students were given blue bracelets to raise awareness about autism and promote acceptance and understanding. This month of observation celebrates the unique strengths and abilities of these individuals and promotes inclusion and acceptance in our communities.  



At Bryant, we have a special teen parenting program that embraces the philosophy of being a student and parent.  This program is called Project Opportunity and has been educating young parents for 25 plus years.  Our group of young mothers celebrated an early Mother's Day event by going out for a special outing that involved painting and lunch. Our teen mothers show incredible strength and dedication in raising their children and we want to honor and support them on this special day, and every day, as they continue to navigate the joys and challenges of motherhood.  

Our Director of Student Services, Pipi Harrison, received the South Fairfax Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Community Service Award.  This recognition is a reflection of the generous South Fairfax Community and the teamwork of her School Counseling Department. Here at Bryant, we always want to make sure basic necessities of our students are being met, so they can be engaged and successful learners. Please reach out to your student's school counselor or our Family Liaison for additional resources.  

FCPS has partnered with Hazel Health to help eliminate barriers to quality mental health care services for all high school students, at no cost to families. Therapy sessions with Hazel Health are a safe space and are private and confidential.

With Hazel, your child can get the mental health care they need, at home, at no cost to you.

Learn more about how Hazel works by visiting the How Hazel Works section of the Hazel website

Bryant also recognized Bryant's Administrative Assistants who work behind the scenes and keep our school running smoothly.  These amazing professionals are the backbone of our teams and we want to thank them for everything they do!

During the month of May, Bryant will be conducting multiple testing for our students. We understand that testing can be a stressful time for students, but it is an important part of our educational system.  Please reference the Testing Calendar

As always, we encourage our parents to stay involved in their child's education and to communicate with us about any questions or concerns you may have.  We look forward to finishing the year BRYANT STRONG!

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Bryant March Newsletter

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March 2023 Happenings

Happy Spring.  As the seasons change, so do the events and activities happening around Bryant. We hope that this newsletter serves as a valuable resource for you and your family, keeping you informed and up-to-date on all the exciting happenings in our Bryant community.

Bryant HS is committed to keeping your children and our students safe at school.  Our Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist, Mr. Shawn Elliot, had a real and honest conversation, with our students,  around the dangers of opioid abuse, and the deadly danger of opioids laced with fentanyl.  Fentanyl use and overdoses are a real crisis in our schools and community.  Please reach out to your child’s school counselor or Mr. Elliot at [email protected] to ask questions or share concerns.  We understand that parenting can be challenging at times, and we want to offer our support to you in any way we can.

We hope you have heard that Fairfax County has partnered with Hazel Health to eliminate barriers to quality mental health services for ALL high school students, at NO COST to families.  Therapy sessions with Hazel Health are a safe space and are private and confidential. To find out more information about this program that will be starting April 10th, please go to  Learn more about this valuable program and how your child can access its services by visiting this website.

Bryant is gearing up for its Career Fair on Wednesday, April 19th.  This exciting event will host numerous corporate, government, and nonprofit agencies to promote summer jobs, internships, and career opportunities to our students in a variety of fields, including healthcare, information technology, green jobs, public service and more.  Your Student Services Team has been hosting weekly sessions on preparing our students for this event around topics such as Dress for Success, Resume Building, and Career Interest Surveys. 

Did you know that it's never too late to pursue training or education? Regardless of age or previous experience, there is always an opportunity to learn and develop new skills. The WIOA Youth Program assists eligible young adults ages 17-24 to gain the skills needed to succeed in tomorrow’s workforce.  Please visit this website for more information about career development and educational support.

On March 15th, the owls and hawks paid a visit to Bryant's Science Classes. The nonprofit organization Secret Garden and Bees provided a unique and interactive experience for our students, showcasing their passion for wildlife and nature. Take a look at this amazing picture!

Many of our Bryant students are celebrating Ramadan which officially started on Wednesday, March 22. Ramadan is an important Islamic month of fasting and spiritual reflection, observed by 1.9 billion Muslims worldwide. It is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, and during this month, Muslims abstain from food, drink, and other physical needs from dawn until sunset. It is a time for prayer, charity, and community. Ramadan culminates in the celebration of Eid al-Fitr, a joyous holiday that marks the end of the month-long fast. As a diverse and inclusive community, it is important for us to learn about and respect the traditions and beliefs of our fellow students and families who observe Ramadan.


March is recognized as National Equity in Education Month, highlighting the importance of ensuring that all students have access to high-quality educational opportunities regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, or other factors. Equity in education means providing fair and inclusive learning environments where every student has the resources and support they need to succeed. Achieving equity in education requires acknowledging and addressing systemic barriers to learning and working towards creating a more just and equitable society. Here at Bryant, we are fortunate to have an exceptional Equity Team. Throughout the month of March, they provided insightful lessons on what equity looks like in the classroom, along with valuable resources for our staff.

During College Week, a former student, James Wrobeh, delivered an inspiring and uplifting message that emphasized the importance of perseverance, authenticity, self-confidence, and pursuing one's aspirations. James shared that pushing through tough moments can be challenging, but it's crucial to remember that struggles and setbacks are temporary and can lead to growth and development. It's important to have a positive mindset, to believe in oneself, and to remain focused on the end goal.

As we approach spring break, we would like to take a moment to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and rejuvenating break. Please keep in mind that our spring break will begin on Monday, April 3rd, and our students are scheduled to return on Monday, April 10th. This is a much-needed opportunity to recharge and refocus, and we encourage you all to take some time to relax and come back with renewed energy to finish the school year strong.  

We are thrilled to have your child as a part of our Bryant community and look forward to getting to know you and your family better. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or suggestions you may have and be sure to stay connected with us through our website, social media, and events.

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Pyramid Art Show & Principal's Message | Espectáculo de arte piramidal

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Pyramid Art Show March 3-8 3:30-5:00 pm, March 9 5:00-6:30 pm Espectáculo de arte piramidal 3-8 de marzo 3:30-5:00 pm, 9 de marzo 5:00-6:30 pm

Bryant High School Parents/Guardians,

We wanted to share that you will be receiving an email from FCPS Surveys between March 13 – March 24.  This survey will give all parents and guardians of students attending Bryant an opportunity to participate in an on-line survey that is part of the principal evaluation process in Fairfax County Public Schools.  The link you will receive is unique to the individual and can only be used one time. 

We appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback and look forward to our continued work together!


Dr. Larrick, Principal

Padres/Tutores de la Escuela Secundaria Bryant,

Queríamos informarle que recibirá un correo electrónico de las encuestas de FCPS entre el 13 y el 24 de marzo.  Esta encuesta brindará a todos los padres y tutores de los estudiantes que asisten a Bryant la oportunidad de participar en una encuesta en línea que forma parte de la evaluación del director. proceso en las Escuelas Públicas del Condado de Fairfax. El enlace que recibirá es exclusivo de la persona y solo se puede utilizar una vez.

¡Agradecemos que se haya tomado el tiempo para brindarnos sus comentarios y esperamos que sigamos trabajando juntos!


Dra. Larrick, Directora

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February Bryant Newsletter

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February 2023 Bryant Newsletter

Bryant staff and students are neatly tying up February with a bow, and springing into March. On February 1st, Bryant HS  graduated 36 most-deserving students. A 2013 Bryant graduate, Lucy Pineda, shared her story of being a young parent, and overcoming obstacles to achieve her goals while balancing motherhood. Bryant’s outstanding scholar, Donald Mateo Feijoo Zambrano, shared his testimony of pushing through adversity and setbacks and delivered his message of hope that if he could do it, others could too. Bryant is incredibly proud of these hard working individuals and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.  The door is always open at Bryant!

Bryant celebrates National Black History Month and remembers the important people, influential events, and incredible achievements in African history as well as the individuals that influence our future. Mr. Carapezza, one of Bryant's Best, created the Black History Month QR code wall because in his words, he wanted to create something that went beyond the classroom and (hopefully) beyond the walls of Bryant. Mr. Carapezza shared that too many times, it feels like Black History is distilled down to the names people already know (Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr, Oprah Winfrey). His hope was to include names people didn’t know, and to get them excited about new ideas.  Mr. Carapezza hopes that the QR codes encourage students (and staff!) to take something with them.

The BHS Library/Media Center also created a QR Code bulletin board called “What We Learn from Black History” that includes some well-known figures like Dr. Martin Luther King, but also some not as well known as Misty Copeland, the American ballet dancer who, in 2015, became the first African American female principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre (ABT), and Dr. Mae Jameson an American engineer, physician, and former NASA astronaut. 

We love our School Counselors!  During National School Counseling Week, Bryant applauded the daily efforts, work and caring hearts of  Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Meletiche, Mrs. Veenstra and Ms. Johnson.  Not only do they provide academic and career counseling and advising to our ever changing student population, they offer social, emotional, and wellness support and guidance each and every day. 

During the week of February 13th, Bryant paused to celebrate Kindness Week.  Did you know that even the smallest acts of kindness can change a bad day to a good one and can make all the difference in someone’s life?   Students and staff participated in writing and sending out Kindness Grams to one another!  On Valentine’s Day, carnations were handed out to all the students, courtesy of Ms. McCreery and a wonderful community connection. 

We are looking forward to March, allowing more hours of daily sunlight to enjoy all the wonders of spring time. Bryant is committed to your student’s success and to building strong relationships with our students and families.  Always reach out.  We enjoy hearing from our Bryant families!


2709 Popkins Lane Alexandria, VA 22306  | Main Office: 703-660-2000
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