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The Bryant art program focuses on personal expression, creative thinking and problem solving skills.  Students work in a community to learn technique along side one another while communicating their own stories and creating complete art portfolios.

Art Teacher

  • Art Teacher, HS

    M.A., M.S., ATR

    CTE/Electives Department Chair

Catalog of Fine Arts Courses

An education in the arts benefits Fairfax County Public School students by helping them gain powerful tools for:

  • understanding human experiences, both past and present.

  • learning to adapt to and respect other ways of thinking and working.

  • making decisions in situations where there are no standard answers.

  • analyzing non-verbal communication and making informed judgments about cultural products and issues.

  • communicating their thoughts and feelings in a variety of modes, giving them a vastly more powerful repertoire for self-expression.

A comprehensive, articulated arts education program engages students in a process that helps them develop the self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, and self-motivation necessary for success in life.