Our Mission and Vision

The beliefs that guide Bryant High School

Our Mission 

Bryant High School inspires and empowers a diverse student population to earn a high school diploma in a non-traditional setting.

  • Several of our shared values are:
  • Mutual respect and caring interpersonal relationships lead to increased student self-esteem.
  • Small and supportive classes allow individualized instruction.
  • Flexible scheduling and specialized programs accommodate home, academic, and work requirements of our students.
  • A variety of teaching strategies and assessment techniques promotes high academic achievement while providing for different learning styles.
  • Vocational, technical, and career training prepares students to pursue further education and career paths.

Our Vision

Commitment to Excellence

  • Bryant, a fully accredited alternative high school, seeks to improve and provide the necessary support for students and staff to grow personally and professionally.

Commitment to Educational Achievement

  • Bryant students develop the academic and workforce skills necessary to be successful in their lives.  A flexible environment accommodates diverse learning and life situations in which students are encouraged to expand their horizons through the pursuit of further academic, vocational, technical, and career training.

Commitment to Family and Community Involvement

  • Bryant students are encouraged to develop attitudes and skills that will allow them to be effective, productive, and contributing members of their families and communities. Additionally, the cultural diversity of Bryant affords faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to understand and appreciate a myriad of people and cultures.