New Student Registration

Welcome, Future Bryant Bear!

Welcome to Bryant High School!

We're excited to welcome our newest students!

We are a Fairfax County Public School located in Alexandria, Virginia!

New students fall into one of two registration categories:

  • Students who are new to Bryant High School and are not currently enrolled in another school in FCPS.
  • Students who are new to Bryant High School and who are currently enrolled in FCPS.

To join Bryant High School, first determine which school is your base high school (Annandale HS, Hayfield SS, Justice HS, Lake Braddock SS, Lee HS, Mount Vernon HS, South County HS, West Potomac HS, or West Springfield HS) by viewing the FCPS boundary locator.

  • If your base high school is Centreville HS, Chantilly HS, Fairfax HS, Falls Church HS, Herndon HS, Langley HS, Madison HS, Marshall HS, Mclean HS, Oakton HS, Robinson SS, South Lakes HS, Westfield HS, Woodson HS), your school will be Mountain View School. Please visit the Mountain View High School website to begin the enrollment process.

If you do meet the criteria above and would like to enroll at Bryant High School, please fill out our new student registration inquiry form. This form will be submitted to Melissa Caballero, our school registrar, who will be able to assist you with the new student registration process. 

Please submit this form in English.

Is this the Student's First Year in FCPS?
Is the Enrolling Student Over 18 Years of Age?
Please enter the day, month, and year the student was born. For example - January 12, 2002
Is the Student Looking to Self Enroll?
A parent must enroll a student if the student is under 18 years of age or if the student is over 18 years of age, but is choosing not to self enroll.
Do you have any questions for us? Or is there anything you would like to tell us before we contact you to begin the enrollment process?
Do you have any questions for us? Or is there anything you would like to tell us before we start the enrollment process? Feel free to send a separate email to Claudia Caballero, our school registrar, at [email protected].
A copy of this form submission will be sent to the email address(es) provided on this form.

17 Year Old Students

17 Year Old Students

  • Before sending a request to the Non-Traditional School Programs office to transfer a student to Bryant High School, communication between the counselors or administrators from both the base school and Bryant High School must take place to determine appropriateness of placement. 
  • The base school completes the NonTraditional Schools Programs Elective Placement Form and forwards it to the Non-Traditional School Programs office for approval. A copy of the Nontraditional Schools Program Elective Placement Form and all required documentation are faxed or sent to Bryant  High School.
  • Upon receipt of an approval letter from the Non-Traditional Schools Programs office and after Bryant has received the aforementioned paperwork, the parent may call for an appointment to register the student at Bryant . 
  • Project Opportunity (Pregnant & Parenting Teen Program) students must follow the above procedures.

Students Age 18 or Older 

Students Age 18 or Older

  • Approval from the Non-Traditional Schools Programs office is not required. 
  • Upon receipt of the student’s discipline file, a current transcript, SOL test scores, and immunization record, the student may call for an appointment to register. 
  • If the student is denied enrollment, all records will be returned to the base school.

Students Receiving Special Education Services (Age 17 and above)

Students Receiving Special Education Services (Age 17 and above)

  • Placement at Bryant  is determined by the IEP team. The student’s base school must initiate an IEP, and a representative from the Bryant  Special Education Department must attend. 
  • Prior to the IEP meeting, the base school must send to Bryant a copy of the current IEP, current eligibility packet, updated Fairfax County Public Schools transcript, SOL test scores, discipline file, immunizations, and attendance records. 

Hearings Office Placements 

Hearings Office Placements

  • If a student is placed at Bryant HIgh School, an entry conference must be held between the student, the parent and the principal of Bryant High School. The student’s discipline file, a current transcript, SOL test scores, and immunization record must be received before this conference is held. 
  • If the student is eligible for special education services, placement also requires an IEP team decision. 

New Student Registration Forms


Please contact Claudia Caballero at @email.

Are You Registering a Student Whose Home Language Is Other Than or In Addition to English?

Student families wishing to register a student with a home language other than or in addition to English please contact the FCPS Student Registration Welcome Center. Here professionals may assess your child's English language skill and/or educational level. These assessments can provide valuable information to the local school and support your child's instructional needs.  

Do You Have Special Registration Situations? 

Special registration situations can include nonparent registrations, situations involving divorced or separated parents, homelessness, foster care, and foreign exchange students.

Screening of Potential English Learners (ELs) Enrolling for SY24

Potential ELs, students with a home language other than English, who are enrolling from a school outside of Virginia, should be referred to a Student Registration Welcome Center for registration and assessment. 

For students enrolling for the current school year, please continue to refer all potential ELs enrolling from a school outside the U.S. to a Student Registration Welcome Center. More information can be found in the Guidelines for Newly Enrolling Potential ELs.

  • For questions, please contact ESOLPosting at @email.