Project Opportunity

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Project Opportunity Staff

Project Opportunity is a program that supports pregnant and parenting students to secure a high school diploma and to become nurturing, self-sufficient parents.  Our motto embraces the philosophy of being a parent, remaining a student at Bryant High School.  A component of Project Opportunity is Jobs for Virginia Graduates (JVG).

JVG provides college/career readiness training that teaches skills to build a career, enter the workforce, attend college and devise a post -secondary plan.

Students will obtain an accredited high school diploma via general education studies.

  • Small classes with individual attention.
  • Child development and life planning classes
  • Focused on raising emotional and physical healthy children and life skills to be self-sufficient.
  • Earn high school and college credit in Early Childhood careers.
  • Transportation via FCPS school buses;  taxis for Bel Center students only.
  • Assistance with child care via Office for Children (OFC).
  • Homebound services (childbirth to 6/8 weeks of age).
  • Interaction with community service agencies (Health Dept., OFC, Dept. of Family Services, Housing, as well as parenting teen organizations (Lean on Us Unity, Generation Hope, Parenting Education Program).
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Bryant Mentoring Program.
  • Cultural activities and services aimed at promoting mother/child bond.
  • Career/job readiness training that teaches skills to build a career and enter the workforce.
  • Post secondary planning for life after graduation; NOVA’s Pathway to Baccalaureate and Adult Career Pathways.

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Fairfax County Office for Children