Special Services

The Special Education Department at Bryant High School is dedicated to the development and growth of each individual student. We believe that all special education students should have the opportunity to access education using a variety of techniques and strategies. All students are encouraged to reach his/her potential through the development and use of the Individualized Education Program. The department focuses on teaching students to appropriately advocate for themselves with staff and peers.

The special education staff supports each student through a monitor/consult level of services. Each student attends general education classes. Special education staff works with students in those classes and may also work with them in a quiet instructional area for individualized or small group support.

The vision of Bryant Special Education Department is to ensure access to rigorous research- based instruction for all students with disabilities, and a commitment towards compliance, systemic structures, and processes within specialized service delivery.

The mission of Bryant Special Education Department is to pursue world-class excellence in academic performance, behavior management, instruction and compliance, resulting in academic achievement for all students with disabilities.

Special Ed. Teachers and Staff

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