Mr. Ellington

Joseph Ellington

English Teacher, HS

English 10 and English 11

In English classes, frequent opportunities to engage with authentic texts allow students to deepen their understanding of the specific reading demands of a variety of texts. Explicit writing instruction and frequent opportunities for practice allow students to develop critical thinking skills and apply knowledge.

English 10 focuses on World & Ethnic Literature and expository writing, while English 11 focuses on American Literature and persuasive writing.

BBCU invites in Gmail: Period 1-Ellington-ENG 11, Period 2-Ellington-ENG 11, Period 4-Ellington-ENG 10, Learning Seminar-Ellington, Office Hours-Ellington

Office Hours: Monday 9-10:30 am and by appointment

Grades are regularly updated in SIS.  Progress reports are sent via email approximately every two weeks.

Missed or late work may be made up according to departmental policies, as stated in the course syllabus.

Announcements and assignments are posted on Google Classroom.  Time-sensitive announcements will also be posted on FCPS 24-7 Learning (Blackboard).

Please email me any time with questions or concerns using the form below.

I look forward to working with you!

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