Ms. Vanbrocklin

Carrie Vanbrocklin

English Teacher, HS

Department Chair

In English 12, students will hone their skills in reading, writing, and communication by completing a variety of  learning activities. Students will practice the skills outlined in the Virginia State Standards of Learning for 12th grade English, as described below:

English 12 Standards

12.1  Make a formal oral presentation 

12.2  Examine how media messages influence beliefs and behavior

12.3  Apply academic vocabulary in authentic texts

12.4  Read and analyze British literature and literature of other cultures

12.5  Read and analyze a variety of nonfiction texts

12.6  Develop expository, informational, analytical, and persuasive writing

12.7  Write, revise, and edit writing

12.8  Create a documented research product         

Standards in English frequently overlap each other, so you will find that you have opportunities to work towards mastery of these standards throughout the course.

Every effort is made to update the SIS gradebook on a weekly basis.

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Thank you, and I look forward to working with you!

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