Mr. Jackson

Ameen Jackson

School Counselor, HS

Born and raised in Philadelphia, I have 10 years of Professional School Counselor experience within 3 states, 4 of which have been at Bryant High School.  Throughout my experience, I have learned that in order to become an effective school counselor and overcome barriers, you must first take into account the impact of culture and diversity within the educational system.  I am a skillful listener, have knowledge of self, compassionate, understanding, accepting, and able to make personal contact with the students and community I serve.  I have a talent for increasing student’s tolerance of frustration when they become overwhelmed or feel incapable of succeeding socially and academically.  Helping students realize their potential by focusing on their accomplishments and reflecting on past successes helps promote positive self-concept and that is where we will see positive results.

I have a passion for assisting at risk students and those whom are struggling in the areas of personal, social, academic, and career growth.  I am a team player, an open-minded collaborator, flexible, advocate for students and parents, empathetic, organized, and have strong verbal and written communication skills.  My experience and strong desire to make sure all students have equal access to opportunities both current and post-secondary play a vital role in supporting the needs of students.

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