Students at Baltimore Aquarium

Student Life and Activities
April 25, 2018

17 students who are part of Jobs for Virginia Graduates went to the Baltimore Aquarium.  When Ms. Harrison asked the group, "Who has been to an aquarium?" No one raised their hand.  When Ms. Harrison asked the students "Who has been to Baltimore?" No one raised their hand.  Students LOVED it.  Exposure to cultural experiences and activities are so important to our population of students.  Students were fascinated by natural habitats for animals, different types of sharks, and loved the dolphin show and talked about the workers who trained dolphins.  There was also a lot of good discussion about careers in marine biology and about the value of education in general.  Students talked about the cost of the trip and how much they wanted to return with their own families.  There were discussions about family budgets, desires for vocations and dreams of being more financially stable and independent adults.  All in all, an excellent day and we wait to take more students there again next year.