Mr. Rivano

Melchor Rivano

ESOL Teacher, HS

Teaching AFDA and Math Readiness


Pre-Algebra for ELs is designed to support English Learners with gaps in their mathematical learning to access standards critical for Algebra readiness in an accelerated time frame. The topics identified for this class are those essential to building Algebra readiness in grades 6-8 mathematics curriculum.  

Algebra Functions Data Analysis (AFDA)

This course reinforces students’ knowledge and understanding of the real number system and its properties through the study of variables, expressions, equations, inequalities, and analysis of data derived from real world phenomena.  Emphasis is placed on making connections in algebra to arithmetic, geometry, and statistics.

This course is also meant to strengthen skills for the Algebra 1 SOL Test.


The emphasis of Algebra 1 is the sequential development of concepts and skills by using concrete materials to assist students in making the transition from arithmetic to the symbolic. Students will make connections and build relationships between algebra and arithmetic, geometry, and probability and statistics. Connections will also be made to other subject areas through practical applications. The students will use algebra as a tool for representing and solving a variety of practical problems. Tables and graphs will be used to interpret algebraic expressions, equations, and inequalities and to analyze behaviors of functions. Graphing calculators (DESMOS), computers, and other appropriate technology tools will be used to assist in teaching and learning. Graphing utilities enhance the understanding of functions; they provide a powerful tool for solving and verifying solutions to equations and inequalities. Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to engage in discourse about mathematics with teachers and other students, use the language and symbols of mathematics in representations and communication, discuss problems and problem solving, and develop confidence in themselves as mathematics students.  

All information about my class can be found in my SCHOOLOGY. (Need to be invited/approval first because you can access my classroom).

Mr. Rivano

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