Mr. Clark

Matthew Clark

ESOL Teacher, HS

Students attending my English Language Development 10 class,  will be learning the basics of reading comprehension skills. Students will learn how to use context clues to understand key vocabulary in a text.  The students will also work on improving their vocabulary and spelling with options such as Synonym/Antonym practice. Students will also work on writing and grammar skills with options such as Grammar practice, Grammar skills, Writing practice, Fundamentals of writing (i.e. Prewriting, Drafting, Revision, and Editing) Writing will be focused on non-fiction reading that is embedded in the course. Students will be given opportunities to practice all four of the English language modalities: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening with authentic academic practice using worksheets, in-class activities, quizzes, and exams.

Matthew D. Clark, M.Ed

ESOL Teacher, Bryant High School

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