Dr. Ritson

Darren Ritson

Geosystems Teacher, HS

Environmental Science

Department Chair

In Geosystems this year we are learning about the Earth from its core to its surface, including its oceans, its land, and its weather. Through the knowledge you gain from this class, students will be able to understand our planet’s systems, how they work together and how Earth fits into the solar system and the rest of the universe. This course will help students use the science they have learned in other science classes to appreciate how scientific knowledge is obtained and how each investigation and discovery helps fill in a puzzle that everyone is trying to complete.  This class will be delivered electronically that takes advantage of interactive websites, videos, electronic manipulatives, and more.

In Environmental Science this year we are learning about the interactions on Earth between the four spheres.  This course is a foundational science course.  It builds on student investigations that began in k-8 and integrates biology, earth science, chemistry, and engineering to study many components of our environment.  Course outcomes focus on scientific inquiry, the physical world, the living environment, resources conservation, humans’’ impact on the environment, as well as legal and civic responsibilities.  Students will focus on data collection and analysis through laboratory experiences and field work, including descriptive and comparative studies.  Through a variety of learning experiences to include career education opportunities, students will gain foundational scientific process skills and environmental literacy to engage the community and provide diverse points of view about the management of natural resources.

This year we will be using Schoology and Google drive for all teaching and work inside class.  Homework will be posted there as well.  All materials will be posted here as well for you to access at home if needed or to print out and to let your parents stay up with your studies. So you will need your computer every day of class and you will be receiving homework just about every class which shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to complete if you have been working in class.  There are also quizzes for each unit of study this year on Schoology.  You can take them as often as you want to get the grade you want.  You are responsible to complete them before the end of each unit.

  • Grades are emailed home to parents and students at the close of school every Friday.  Any missing work can be completed and turned in.
  • All student work is completed and submitted using Schoology  https://lms.fcps.edu/
  • Please email me any time with questions or concerns using the form below.

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Dr. Darren Ritson

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