School Innovation and Improvement Plan At-a-Glance

  • 2018-2019

  • Bryant High School

  • Region 3

  • Dr. Christopher S. Larrick, Principal  

End of Year SMARTR Outcome: LITERACY

During the 2018-2019 school year, the Literacy Team will deliver at least three professional development sessions on writing instruction in the content areas with an emphasis on defining disciplinary writing, assessing student performance, and supporting English Language Learners and Special Education students.

Strategy 1: Literacy Team training and planning

  • Attend Secondary Literacy Symposium (August 8-9) and subsequent symposium sessions
  • Use all release days offered by ISD for literacy planning

Strategy 2: In-house professional development

  • Offer turnaround training based on SLS sessions and Literacy Team expertise
  • Create contexts for teachers to share classroom strategies
  • Remain responsive to teacher needs and questions through surveys and IPR sessions

End of Year SMARTR Outcome: TECHNOLOGY

By June 03, 2019, all members of the Digital Transformation Team will achieve the next level of being a Google Certified Educator.

Strategy 1: Level 1 Training

  • Perform Skills Inventory with team to determine needs [week of 08/27/18]
  • Hold targeted training sessions for specific skills needs [from 08/27/18 to 01/31/2019]

Strategy 2: Coaching

  • Introduce Bryant staff to new model for coaching at Bryant: both instructional and technology [begin with Instructional Leadership Team on 08/14/18 and continue with all staff during Teacher Week]
  • Create best practices videos and share them to a central location [starting September 2018 and ongoing]

Strategy 3: Application of Skills

  • Turnaround of training on specific skill to be used in the classroom [Staff Development Days: 02/04/19 and 03/11/19, plus other dates on an as-needed basis]
  • Reflection of skill use [on or before 06/07/19, with the intention to use teacher feedback to plan the 2019-20 technology goal during a SIIP planning session held in the afternoon during the last week of school 06/10/19-06/14/19]